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Cooperation of Smart Bricks® Educational Center and Ponny Preschool Brno: We Encourage Speech Development in Children

The ability to communicate is one of the necessities of a successful transition of a preschooler to school. Effective communication is also one of the general skills we need to lead a successful life as adults. The fact is though that currently there is a growing number of children with limited vocabulary, pronunciation difficulties and lower culture of speech. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for parents, teachers in kindergartens and educational institutions to pull together as a team. Educational center Smart Bricks® and Ponny Kids Preschool have started to collaborate with the intention to purposefully develop communication of preschoolers. 

There are many factors that influence the progress of speech development in children and many methods exist to build the speech skills. We are aware of the strong connection between the level of speech, motor skills and other abilities. That is why our teachers work holistically and focus complexly on the overall level of a child´s development in the areas of speech, gross and fine motors skills, movement and other related themes. We engage children in purposeful activities and games which enable the growth of all of the skills together. This collective approach results in fruitful positive changes. The growing understandability of a child´s speech and spontaneously improving pronunciation skills are a sweet reward for the attention and energy invested in this integrated and complex approach to speech skills development. 

How exactly do we help your child in Smart Bricks® and Ponny Kids?

  • Our curriculum and teachers aim to build speech development in a structured way from the time a child enters preschool until he/she is ready for school.
  • Children are playfully guided in various activities with LEGO® blocks which purposefully connect the development of speech and soft motor skills.
  • We focus on songs, rhymes and speech games with fingers that build the connection between speech and soft motor skills.
  • We improve mimics and movement of speech organs when articulating.

While Ponny Kids helps children with speech development during the school day, Smart Bricks® offers after school activities for preschoolers such as Tell Your Story. The  logopaedic support of a child can therefore blossom in different environments and yet with a shared aim –  to help children improve their disordered communication skills at all levels. We look forward to seeing you and your children in the after school clubs Smart Bricks® or in our logopaedic classrooms in Ponny Kids preschool. 

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