Camps for kids Brno

Holidays – time off for children, but not for parents. We have a solution that will take care of the children for you so that they do not get bored at home and, on the contrary, have the best days of their holidays. Smart Bricks® Camps bring fun and educational activities that your children have not yet experienced.

Camp Smart Bricks Brno

Centrum Smart Bricks®, 3rd floor of Slatinka Shopping Center, Jihomoravské náměstí 1, Brno - Slatina

Calendar, Camps Brno

Monday to Friday

Camps for kids Brno

8:00 – 16:30

Smart Bricks® Camps

  • they are designed so that children spend a fun week in a group of peers with similar hobbies and that they learn through play and something new;
  • use LEGO® Education programs, where children build from MindStorms, WeDo, Boost, Machines & Mechanics kits, etc .;
  • the program is prepared not only inside the new and beautifully renovated premises of the center, but also outside;
  • the camps are new, fresh and fun!
Příměstské tábory Brno
Tábory pro děti Brno

Organization of the Day

Children arrive in the morning between 08:00 and 08:30. We will spend the morning with educational games and competitions with one of the LEGO® Education kits. This will be followed by lunch and leisure activities. In the afternoon, we will go to the activity of the week wih the children, to build a huge LEGO® city or to assemble the heaviest models from our sets together. During the whole week, the program also includes activities and games with LEGO® themes outside.

Children are provided with snacks and lunch for the whole day. A drinking regime is a matter of course. We will be open every day from 8:00 to 17:00.

Děti mají na celý den zařízeno stravování v podobě svačinek a oběda. Pitný režim je samozřejmostí. Každý den budeme otevřeni od 8:00 do 17:00.

Smart Bricks® camps focus

Smart Bricks® camps are designed so that children are educated in a playful way and at the same time experience a lot of fun, close to home. They will also make new friendships with peers who have similar mindsets and interests.

Throughout the camp, children will be able to play with LEGO® kits, which will help them get acquainted with natural forms or remind themselves of the basics of mathematics and physics. They will learn new programming techniques and bring their creations to life and set them in motion. In this form of play, children gain knowledge in the field of STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math). The result is a naturally growing interest in science and technology as such in their lives.

Tábory Smart Bricks
Tábory Smart Bricks

Information for parents

Smart Bricks® camps are ideal for children aged 5 to 12.

Throughout the camp, trained instructors will work with the children, supervise them and at the same time help them with all the prepared activities. The premises in which our camps take place and where the children have their main facilities are beautiful and newly renovated. They are therefore fully subject to all building approval standards and regulations intended for areas where children reside. They provide the perfect background for games and safe entertainment to little explorers throughout the week.

The capacity for one camp tour is usually 15 children. Of course, we are monitoring the current government measures and we will also follow them.

Finally, we would like to mention that even though the camp is designed in a larger age range (ie 5-12 years), you do not have to worry about your child being entertained. We will create groups from the given group who sit together, not only in age so that the children are satisfied and are always equal partners when building.


Monday – Friday camp price 5980 Kč

One day prize 1390 Kč


The price of the camp already includes the price for lunches, snacks and a drinking regime for the entire camp.



Documents needed to be filled or read to enroll the child in the camp:

Organizational rules of suburban camps

Declaration of escort

Declaration of competence

Declaration od health

Cancellation Policy

In the event of the customer withdrawing from the contract, the cost of the cancellation fee is governed by the following list, depending on how clkose to the event the cancellation is (the number of days before the start of the event).


The cost of cancellation:


31 – 60 days 20% of the event price

15 – 30 days 60% of the event price

0 – 14 days 90% of the event price


Cancellation fees will not be charged if the participant provides compensation for himself.

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