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Herna Smart Bricks Brno

Smart Bricks® Play Zone

Our playroom consists of a city built of LEGO® cubes, where children can unleash their imagination and become whatever they want. Does your child want to be a firefighter, police officer or train driver? Among other things, the city has a fire and police station, a hospital, a train station and a port, so nothing will stand in their way. Do you have a princess at home who wants to rule her kingdom? Another impossible task can become a reality in our city and the little princesses will also get their own way.

In our newly renovated space, in addition to the classrooms where our educational courses take place, we have also prepared a Smart Bricks® play zone, where children can stay, play, or build whatever they can think of.

It is an opportunity for you, parents. With us, the reality, where the short duration of the courses themselves often gave you no choice but to stay waiting, is a thing of the past. With us, after the course, every child has the opportunity to stay in the comfort of the play zone and play for another 2 hours, so there is enough time for you to handle the bank, shopping, hairdresser… The children in the play zone will be supervised by our experienced staff throughout their visit, so they will be well taken care of. Kids will have a lot of fun playing with other kids without you having to worry about their safety.

The child can stay in the play zone for up to 3 hours during an individual visit, or 2 hours after the end of the course.

Why is it necessary to register for the Play Zone?

Just like you, we want your children to be well taken care of in your absence. We will only achieve this by not overfilling the play zone, which ensures there will be enough space for each child to play and have enough attention from our staff. For this reason, it is also necessary to book Smart Bricks® play zone so that, for example, on rainy days when there are not many outdoor activities with children, the playroom would not be overcrowded and your child would not have enough space to play or worse – we would have to send the child home. To avoid such disappointment, please respect our reservation system. If you wish to be informed about available times, leave us a contact.


We have also prepared an accompanying program for the game room and its small visitors. Imagine a child collecting points for his regular visits. The child gains a different position and benefits in our city, as well as valuable gifts. Not only members of the Smart Bricks® club but also the general public can participate in the program.

Herna Smart Bricks Brno

Price for the club members

1 hour 200,- Kč
2 hours 300,- Kč
3hours 400,- Kč

Price for general public

1 hour 250,- Kč
2 hours 400,- Kč
3hours 550,- Kč

The play zoom is charged for all visitors.

Please note that the playroom is for children from 4 years old.

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