Birthday Party for kids Brno

Birthday Party for kids Brno

Let’s give the children a unique birthday party with their friends they will not forget!

If you have a LEGO® maniac at home who would like to celebrate their birthday in LEGO® city, you are right here!


A birthday celebration at Smart Bricks® lasts 2.5 hours. During this time, children will find themselves in the world of LEGO®, enjoy building from cubes and play to the fullest in the playroom, in the heart of which is built a huge city from a famous building block. Birthday party programs are themed and there are plenty of themes to choose from. The birthday boy or girl  and their friends are guaranteed to be captivated by our experienced lecturers, who know exactly what children like.


Age category: 4 – 12 years

Venue: 3rd floor of Slatinka Shopping Center, Smart Bricks® Educational Center, Jihomoravské náměstí 1, 627 00 Brno – Slatina 

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: 6 490 Kč (for 5 children), each additional child 790 Kč. Parents and adult guests pay nothing.

Capacity: max. 25 people (children and parents). 

The birthday party includes: 

  • Rent space
  • Decoration
  • Electronic invitation
  • Lectureur (s) who will be fully dedicated to the children at all times 
  • 1,5 hours of a lectured program for children 
  • 1 hodinu in the center – LEGO® celebration room / play zone. 


If you know what topic would make your birthday boy or girl and his/her friends happy, let us know and we will ensure that the celebration meets your expectations.

However, you can also pick one of the topics we already offer, such as:

  • Harry Potter and a visit to the magical LEGO® world
  • LEGO® Friends and a visit to HeartLake City
  • NINJAGO and the restoration of lost Ninjas
  • Anna and Elsa from Frozen search for the lost Olaf (or other DISNEY® Princesses)
  • Minecraft and escape from Skeleton
  • Adventures in the world of robots
  • Dinosaur empire and the way back to prehistory
  • Rescue action

For parents:

Parents can attend the celebration and enjoy time in the relaxation room. However, the parents’ presence is not necessary, the program can be ordered just for children.

We are also able to provide catering in cooperation with the Slatinka restaurant, which is also located in the Slatinka shopping center, one floor below us.

If you are planning a celebration for more than 25 people, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to offer you the opportunity to celebrate in the Slatinka restaurant, which is located one floor below us, with an accompanying program for children in our Smart Bricks® center.

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